This 12-minute video features Cassandra Gartung—an instructional coordinator in the Victor Elementary School District—demonstrating the formative assessment process as her grade three math class uses inquiry to identify and solve a math problem involving the number of knots tied in a given length of rope.

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⭐Mathematical Reasoning: The Force Awakens⭐

This session will take participants on a journey to discover practical ways to implement and support students' mathematical reasoning through writing. Attendees will actively engage with the presenters by participating in actual mathematical reasoning tasks both as a student and as a teacher. Conversations among participants will be encouraged to share strategies and ideas for implementation. Teachers will leave with ideas to help students truly understand the structure of purposeful mathematical writing with increased rigor and engagement while integrating several Mathematical Practices.

📝Creating Meaningful Performance Tasks Using Google Tools

Participants can expect to experience a Performance Task using digital tools that emulate SBAC format which will provide fast and valuable feedback for your students. Information from this session will empower teachers for Monday's lesson. Attendees will prepare for participation in a collaborative design process by experiencing an SBAC style Performance Task using Google Tools for Education. The end result will be the capacity to create their own high rigor Performance Tasks using technology which will provide valuable timely feedback to both teachers and students in order to guide instruction. This session and its tasks will deepen the understanding of the evidence elicited from all students through different types of Performance Tasks. It will prepare teachers and students to become better consumers and adapters of Performance Tasks. Mathematical Reasoning will be integrated in all tasks for this session.


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